This is my WHY


This is my WHY

What's the reason behind wanting to step right into the heart of the storm? What motivates you to fully immerse yourself in that untamed energy?

It's in those challenging moments where true transformation and personal growth flourish, And I personally believe this is the same moment where you pause to reflect on the deeper motivation behind your yoga practice.

Some say that the reasons could be flexible, strong, or to help with anxiety!

Oops, my bad! Those answers were all about the awesome stuff you get from yoga as a result, not the real reason that drives you to your mat every time.

Your reason, goes way deeper than that. It's all about finding that special something that keeps you coming back for more. So let's dive in and uncover that true purpose.

Yoga is not limited to the time spent on the mat. it can become a way of life.

Adopting a yogic lifestyle means integrating the principles of yoga into daily routines. It involves cultivating mindfulness, compassion, and self-awareness in all aspects of life.

A yogic lifestyle also emphasizes conscious decision-making, promoting healthier choices in various areas, including nutrition, exercise, and self-care to be a better version of yourself.

So, Here's the deal, here's my WHY:

"To rock that strength and confidence and come over my fears, both on and off the mat."

Yoga brings me a sense of ease, strength, confidence, and guidance. But above all, it brings me peace and happiness.

I strongly encourage you to discover your own WHY.

And hey, if you're not sure what it is yet, no worries. Take some time to explore, connect, and nurture it through your yoga practice, meditation, and even your eating habits.

Allow your breath to bridge your mind, body, and soul. Let it bridge your conscious and subconscious realms.

So, let's embark on this journey together. Let's dive deep into the core of our practice, exploring the true purpose that drives us. As we unveil the layers, we'll discover a connection that goes far beyond the physical realm. It's a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and profound growth.