Getting back on track after the summer holiday


Getting back on track after the summer holiday

We all love the summer holidays! It's a great way to rejuvenate the mind and body, and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sometimes the accumulated effects of summer can take over - eating out at restaurants all the time, not exercising as much as we'd like to, and potentially sleep loss due to jet lag or other reasons.

But's time to get back on track! Here are a few ideas to get you in shape again after you return back home:

1. Eat home cooked food again. This is your chance to take a break from eating out. Eating home cooked food can help you avoid the excess calories and sugar that are otherwise found in restaurant meals.

2. Create an exercise plan. If you've taken a break from exercising, create a plan to get back on track. Schedule your exercise sessions for the week, and remember to take it slow at the start to avoid excess muscle soreness.

3. Eat fiber-rich foods. You may have neglected fruits and vegetables while you were away, and that's ok. Now it's time to focus on fiber-rich foods to get your digestion back on track.

4. Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes we can guilt trip ourselves for completely letting go while traveling. This is normal. Appreciate the time you had as always, and now commit to practicing healthy habits again and working towards your goals.

If you’re looking to get back on track, we can help you! Download the Calo app and start working towards eating healthy again after the summer holiday.