Binging on weekends?


Binging on weekends?

We don’t really recommend people to have an entire day or weekend of free-for-all eating as this can most definitely derail progress. However, there will always be those reasons that lead you to overeat (holidays, social gatherings, holiday trips). 

The glucose-insulin roller coaster phenomenon when you are eating a diet high in fat and sugar (even for 2 days!) can make it really hard to get back on track come Monday. However, with our top tips on what to do after a weekend of overeating, we can help you get back on track and continue to feel your best:

  1. Eat a big breakfast Monday morning. Yes! Eat a huge breakfast. You do not want to completely confuse your metabolism by under-eating and restricting food come Monday. Go about your day as normally as possible and eat at all your typical meal times, if you’re hungry of course. Remember, skipping meals and under-eating can lead to overeating and choosing unhealthy foods to satisfy your hunger. 
  2. Hold responsibility for the way you ate. Try not to make excuses i.e. 'it was my friends birthday' or 'why did my Mom have to make homemade brownies'.  If you chose the food, you are responsible for how you feel afterwards.  If you can own up to what you did, you are more likely to feel responsible for your actions, which will make it easier to decide to eat healthy starting NOW. If you can't take responsibility, you may end up wallowing in your overconsumption and thinking "Oh I'll never be able to eat healthy enough to get the body I want".
  3. Create an exercise plan and move more during the day.  Getting re-motivated to hit the gym and having a few killer workouts after a weekend of indulgence is the perfect way to use those calories for muscle growth and feel confident in your healthy lifestyle again.  Plan your exercise for the week and write them down in a planner or in your phone calendar. Try out a new strength training split. Try out a new class at the gym. Invite a friend to go for a walk. Even just moving more each day (go for a 10 minute walk on your lunch!) will have a huge impact on your overall total calorie burn for the day and help lose that unwanted weight.
  4. Be easy on yourself and move on.  You are a continual work in progress.  Ask yourself this: if I weigh 1kg more after this weekend, what would happen?  Seriously though, ask yourself. Is weighing 1kg more the end of the world? No. Your weight and conditioning will never be a constant, you are ALWAYS a work in progress. So remember feeling and looking your best is a journey, and not a destination. 

Getting back on track after a weekend of overconsumption can be difficult but it’s possible! Don’t restrict your intake, wallow in your mistakes, continue to be inactive, or think you have ruined all your progress in one weekend.