Are you getting the best out of your food?


Are you getting the best out of your food?

If you cook all your meals and eat at home, you've taken a great step to leading a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. But are you effectively absorbing all the nutrients from the food you eat? The answer to this depends on how you cook your food. 

There are a few methods of cooking food, with some causing the depletion of nutrients within the food itself which prevents the absorption of vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal body functioning. Depending on your cooking technique, the structure of the food may change – losing its essential nutrients.

That said, here are a number of strategies you can implement to get the most nutrients out of your food:

  • GO RAW.  Eating raw foods will protect the structure and nutrients of the food, hence allowing you to get the most out of whatever it is you are eating. 

  • GRILL IT! Grilling food at a low temperature will cook the food in a safe manner causing maximal absorption of nutrients. This method may also remove any excess fat from your meats, allowing you to enjoy a lean and healthy cut of protein. Also, grilling does not require the addition of oils or butter – the grilling heat keeps the food tender and juicy.  

  •  STEAM IT! Steaming is a great way to retain a food's taste, color and nutrients. While still heating food, steaming keeps foods closest to their natural state. And it's quick and hassle-free! 

  •  USE LESS WATER FOR BOILING. Boiling is another great option to use when cooking food. However, do not overfill the pot with water! Using less water when boiling will retain essential vitamins and minerals in food. 

  • LOW TEMPERATURE COOKING. When frying food using cooking oils, it is important to consider the oil's smoke point – the point at which oils begin to smoke and produce toxins and harmful substances. Different oils have different smoke points. Generally, though, it is best to cook oils at low temperatures to avoid reaching the smoke point and consuming toxic fumes rather than vitamins and minerals.  

The small details will end up making the bigger difference. So, while you think you've filled your fridge with healthy food, you may well end up eating food that is not as healthy and nutritious as you thought. Cook well, eat well, live well.